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Need to sell some model horses?
Need somewhere to post photos of sales items?
Need a sales web site and don't want to learn HTML?
    Or pay expensive fees for web site hosting?
    Or deal with popup ads or bandwidth limitations of free web hosts?
Need more visibility for your sales items?

If yes, why not give the Model Horse Sales Pages a try?

  • FREE! The basic Shetland Pony account allows you to post up to 10 text ads at a time, updated as often as you like. Additional account levels, with expanded features, are also available. *
  • Fast & Easy - Designed by a collector, for collectors
  • Reliable - We now have our own server, with full control over administrative functions
  • Customizable - Add your own logo, color scheme, even include HTML in your ads
  • Established - In existence since 1996, this site is THE go-to place for model horse shopping!
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