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Want to drive more traffic to your website? Want to announce a live show / new resin / special sales event / etc.? The benefits of placing a banner ad on the MH$P include:

  • Visibility: The MH$P is one of the most popular model horse web sites around. There is plenty of traffic at all hours of the day, ensuring that your ad will get maximum visibility.
  • Display Statistics: Your ad will go into rotation with other banner ads hosted on the MH$P. The number of times your ad has been displayed will be available in your private Vendor area.
  • Hit Statistics: Any time someone clicks on your ad to visit your website, the time and date will be logged. This information will be available in your private Vendor area.
 Ad Images

Banner Ad images must comply with the AD TOPICS and PHOTOS & IMAGES sections of the Vendor User Agreement. Additional requirements include:
  • Image Size
    Image sizes must be no larger than 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels in height.
  • File Types
    Files must be in .GIF or .JPG file formats. They can be submitted in .BMP or .PSD format, but will be converted to .JPG format. Flash and other file formats are not allowed.
  • File Behavior
    Files must stay within the boundaries of the specified dimensions. Files must not overflow out of that space or spawn new windows including pop-ups and pop-unders. Animations, if used, should be tasteful and discrete (trust me, there is nothing better to turn away potential customers than annoying whirligigs that flash and whiz around). :^)
  • Image Creation
    Images must be provided by you, or graphic design services can be provided through separate arrangements with one of the following:
    ~ Heather Malone-Bogle / Rhiannon Design
    ~ Shallon Sampson / Fallen Leaves Studio
Images are subject to approval prior to ad activation and may be returned for correction if the file does not meet the requirements.


Payment forms accepted include:
  • Money Orders
  • PayPal: PayPal is gladly accepted.
  • Checks: Checks may be accepted on a limited basis but are discouraged due to the fact that I do not have a local bank. This requires sending deposits by mail, and may affect the activation of your ad by 3-4 weeks.
Ads will not be activated until payment has been received and processed.


Duration Fee
2 weeks $7.00
1 month $12.00
3 months $30.00
6 months $55.00
1 year $100.00

 How To Submit A Banner Ad

  1. You must be a registered vendor with the MH$P to submit a banner ad. If you are not already a vendor, please sign up here.
  2. Log in to your vendor area.
  3. Submit a banner ad for approval (see new Banner Ads menu option).
  4. Submit payment for the banner ad hosting fees.
  5. Ads will be activated after payment has been received and processed (usually within 48 hours or less, unless payment made by check).
Please contact the MH$P Admin with any questions.

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